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Barrier Posts & Ropes

Our Barrier Post Queuing System is the most versatile solution to queuing and crowd control measures. The post comes assembled ready to use and the ropes simply attach on. It creates a secure platform acting as a security deterrent and managing crowds of people. Its steel construction and heavy metal base is ideal as it weighs down the unit keeping it in place.

These Barrier Posts are more suited for light commercial use and not for heavy traffic. The posts have a 360 degree rope attaching points. The Barrier Post is 940 mm high and the base is 380 mm in diameter. The ropes are made from high quality braided rope and are available in Red, Blue and Black  and in lengths of 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm.

Code Product Name Price Qty
28030 Barrier Posts (Set of 2)
28031 Barrier Rope 1000mm Black
28032 Barrier Rope 1000mm Blue
28033 Barrier Rope 1000mm Red
28034 Barrier Rope 1500mm Black
28035 Barrier Rope 1500mm Blue
28036 Barrier Rope 1500mm Red
28037 Barrier Rope 2000mm Black
28038 Barrier Rope 2000mm Blue
28039 Barrier Rope 2000mm Red