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Heavy Duty Coloured Hangers

Our Heavy Duty Coloured Hangers are of superior strength and are multi-purpose plastic clothes hanger designed to hold a large variety of clothing. The hangers come with a ribbed flat bar giving extra grip for trousers and scarves. There are notches situated on either side to allow you to hang skirts and clothing with straps. This versatile hanger also includes non-slip edges for hanging knitwear and shirts.These hangers are ideal in any retail environment.

They measure at 420mm, have a reinforced plastic hook and are compatible to securely fasten our range of size cubes. 

Box Quantity 120(one colour per box)

Code Product Name Price Qty
16041 Heavy Duty Coloured Hanger Red
16043 Heavy Duty Coloured Hanger Black
16045 Heavy Duty Coloured Hanger White
16047 Heavy Duty Coloured Hanger Blue
16051 Heavy Duty Coloured Hanger Green
16053 Heavy Duty Coloured Hanger Grey