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A range of inserts for slatwall panels available in either PVC or aluminium according to your visual or practical requirements. Shapes L-Section inserts are available as either clip-in PVC or slide-in aluminium inserts. L-Section PVC inserts offer the more flexible option as colours can be interchanged to match displays once the panels are in place. Aluminium inserts must be fitted prior to installation. They are cut to 1200mm to fit the slatwall perfectly.

PVC profiles are available to complement our standard range of slatted panels. All profiles come in 2440mm and can be cut to desired length.

Slatwall Inserts & Profiles

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  1. Inserts


    Starting at: £0.38

    Our Inserts are available in a range of colours which will create an eye catching and unique display, suited to your individual style. 

    PVC inserts are highly flexible and will fit easily and quickly (you can just snap them in) into the slatwall grooves. They are available in a choice of colours.  Anodised or powder-coated rigid aluminium are ideal for heavy-duty applications. They have to be inserted into the slatwall grooves before the slatwalls are screwed onto the wall. 

    1200mm (can be cut to your preferred size).

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  2. Fixed 90º Corner

    Fixed 90º Corner

    Starting at: £5.85

    Our range of Fixed 90º Corners provide an ideal way of covering up untidy joints on internal and external corners of your slatwall display. The corner profile can be fitted effortlessly and gives a tidy and professional finishing touch to your display.

    Available in Dark Grey, White, Cream, Light Grey, Black and Aluminium.

    32 x 32mm profile. 8ft (2400mm) long.

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  3. Flat End Capping

    Flat End Capping

    Starting at: £4.85

    Our range of Flat End Caps are the ideal solution to tidying up your slatwall display system by hiding away raw edges to give a clean and professional look. The caps can be fitted effortlessly to add a perfect finishing touch to your display. 

    Available in Black, Cream, Light Grey, White and Dark Grey.

    8ft (2400mm) long, can be cut to desired length.

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