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Acrylic Shelves 600mm and Brackets for Slatwall in display

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    Acrylic Shelves 600mm and Brackets for Slatwall in display

Our 600mm Acrylic Shelves for Slatwall are made from clear acrylic to produce durable, long-lasting 3mm thick shelves with smooth edges all round and a 25mm lipped edge. The shelves slot perfectly into the Slatwall groove producing a sturdy display that can be changed with ease. These are ideal for displaying a variety of lightweight merchandise and the lipped edge prevents any of the merchandise from falling off. 

Available in depths of 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 350mm. 

The shelves can be used with either Styrene or Multi Purpose Brackets. 2 Brackets will support one of these shelves. 

Brackets are sold separately.

Code Product Name Price Qty
12115 Multi Purpose Bracket 200mm for Slatwall
12116 Multi Purpose Bracket 250mm for Slatwall
12117 Multi Purpose Bracket 300mm for Slatwall
12118 Multi Purpose Bracket 350mm for Slatwall
12235 Styrene Bracket 150mm
12236 Styrene Bracket 200mm
12237 Styrene Bracket 250mm
12238 Styrene Bracket 300mm
12239 Styrene Bracket 350mm
12240 Acrylic Shelf 600 x 150mm for Slatwall
12242 Acrylic Shelf 600 x 250mm for Slatwall
12243 Acrylic Shelf 600 x 300mm for Slatwall
12244 Acrylic Shelf 600 x 350mm for Slatwall