Economy Female Upper Torsos

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Our economy range of  Female Upper Torsos are not only an exceptional value for money but are also a quality product suitable for all retail environments. The torso is made of durable plastic. It is lightweight which makes it quick and easy to move and reposition. The rough grain effect on the torso give a stylish addition to your displays and the glossy textured finish compliments the garments that are being displayed on the torso.

You choose to display these torsos on shelves, counters, shop windows and also on your shop floor with our stand. The natural body shape of the torso makes an excellent eye-catching display that will not go amiss to your customers.

  • Durable - made from high quality plastic 

  • Stylish - gloss finish with rough grain texture 

  • Multi Purpose - display on shelves, counters, shop windows or on your shop floor with our stand

  • Great Value - an exceptional value for money product 

  • Lightweight - quick and easy to move and reposition

Available in White and Black.

Height  570mm, Bust 810mm, Waist 580mm, Shoulder to Shoulder 430cm

Code Product Name Price Qty
15077 Economy Female Upper Torso White
15078 Economy Female Upper Torso Black
15074 Hanging Wire Loop
15030 Neck Stand for Economy Torsos