Hanger Promotional Tickets

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Our Hanger Promotional Tickets are available in a choice of slogans and are hole punched for use with hangers. They are perfect for any shop during any season. Their simple but effective design attracts your customer's eyes and gets your point across quickly. Their size is perfect for visibility while blending in to your shop. Their bright red colour contributes to catching your customers' eye and indicating to them the importance of the message that you're trying to get across to them. Whether you're promoting a new product on sale, or reducing prices for the festive season, these promotional tickets and labels are perfect for you.

75mm x 125mm

Sold in Packs of 500

Code Product Name Price Qty
16501 Hanger Promotional Tickets 'Special Offer'
16502 Hanger Promotional Tickets 'Reduced Was/Now'
16504 Hanger Promotional Tickets 'Sale'
16505 Hanger Promotional Tickets 'Sale Was/Now'