Puma PJH6 Pricing Gun, Labels & Ink Rollers

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Our Puma PJH6 Pricing Guns are ideal for small businesses and retailers. They have only one line containing six digits and their character set allows pricing upto £99.99 or £99999 if the decimal point is not used. Includes the Pound (£), Euro (€) and Dollar ($) symbols. The Labels are peelable and are available in a choice of 4 colours. 

Pack includes the Puma PJH6 Pricing Gun with an Ink Roller, Replacement Ink Roller and Instructions.

Labels are sold separately in packs of 10,000.

Code Product Name Price Qty
21261 Puma PJH6 Pricing Gun
21262 Ink Roller for Puma PJH6
21203 Punch Hole Peelable White Labels
21204 Punch Hole Peelable Yellow Labels
21205 Punch Hole Peelable Dayglo Red Labels
21206 Punch Hole Peelable Dayglo Yellow Labels
21207 Punch Hole Peelable Dayglo Green Labels
21281 Permanent White Labels
21282 Permanent Yellow Labels
21283 Dayglo Permanent Red Labels
21284 Dayglo Permanent Yellow Labels
21285 Dayglo Permanent Green Labels