Rod Arms for Slatwall 90° Upturn

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    Rod Arms for Slatwall 90° Upturn
    Rod Arms for Slatwall 90° Upturn multiple sizes

Our Rod Arms for Slatwall are made from robust metal and plated with a chrome finish to produce a range of strong, hard-wearing products. Each arm comes with a rubber tip and has a 90° upturn to prevent your items from sliding off. These slot perfectly into the Slatwall groove to give a sturdy display that is ideal for any retail environment and is perfect for displaying a range of products and accessories.

Available in lengths of 25mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm.

Code Product Name Price Qty
12101 Rod Arm 25mm for Slatwall
12102 Rod Arm 100mm for Slatwall
12103 Rod Arm 150mm for Slatwall
12104 Rod Arm 200mm for Slatwall
12105 Rod Arm 250mm for Slatwall
12106 Rod Arm 300mm for Slatwall