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  1. Business Hours Open Sign

    Business Hours Open Closed Sign

    Product Code: 22912

    Our Business Hours Open Closed Sign is a double sided card complete with a string attached so you can easily attach your sign to a glass door or window using our Glass Suckers. Both sides have days of the week with spaces to write in hours and lunch times. Simply flip the sign round to indicate when your shop is open or closed. Please use our Whiteboard Markers to pen down your information.

    180 x 255mm

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  2. Fire Exit Signs

    Fire Exit Signs

    From: £1.50

    Our Fire Exit Signs are used to inform people of where they are able to exit a building in case of emergency, such as a fire. The easily recognisable signs can be read from a distance and used in a wide variety of buildings including offices, shops, factories, hospitals and restaurants.These signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    1mm rigid plastic with self adhesive back.

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  3. CCTV Signs

    CCTV Signs

    From: £2.49

    Our CCTV Signs are a great method of deterring crime and ensuring the safety of staff and visitors. However, you cannot install cameras without letting people know. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires suitable warning signs be placed so that people know they are entering an area covered by surveillance equipment. These signs can be clearly noticed due to their bright yellow and black colour and are made of rigid plastic with a satin finish. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. These signs can also be used with our Dummy CCTV cameras as a crime prevention deterrent.

    Available in A3 and A4 as rigid signs and A5 as Front Adhesive.

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  4. Open/Closed Double-sided Signs

    Open/Closed Double-sided Signs

    From: £2.65

    Our Double sided Open Closed Signs are an inexpensive and perfect way for letting people know whether you're open or closed. 

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  5. Glass Sucker Hook

    Glass Sucker Hook

    Product Code: 31131

    Our Glass Sucker Hook is manufactured from durable, clear plastic to form a suction cup, with a detachable hook made from robust metal to yield a strong, hard-wearing product. It is ideal for hanging signs, accessories and small products.


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