AMX35 Wire Risers & Dividers

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Wire Risers and Dividers enable shelves to be split. Ideal when shelves are tilted to prevent your products from falling off the shelves.

Both the risers and dividers are available in vertical or horizontal wire.

Chrome plated 

Code Product Name Price Qty
25139 AMX35 Wire Riser Vertical 650mm x 75mm
25140 AMX35 Wire Riser Vertical 800mm x 75mm
25141 AMX35 Wire Riser Vertical 1000mm x 75mm
25142 AMX35 Wire Riser Vertical 1250mm x 75mm
25143 AMX35 Wire Dividers 300 x 75mm
25144 AMX35 Wire Dividers 400 x 75mm
25145 AMX35 Wire Dividers 500 x 75mm
25146 AMX35 Wire Riser Horizontal 650mm x 75mm
25147 AMX35 Wire Riser Horizontal 1000mm x 75mm
25148 AMX35 Wire Riser Horizontal 1250mm x 75mm