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Special Offer Was/Now Tickets

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Our Special Offer Was/Now Tickets will allow you to highlight your special offer items clearly and helps promote them by displaying prices clearly. The eye catching red 'SPECIAL OFFER' design will instantly attract attention and the was/now boxes will allow you to display previous and new prices clearly.

The tickets come in 6 different sizes.

Code Product Name Price Qty
22511 Special Offer Ticket 255 x 395 mm (Pack of 10)
22512 Special Offer Ticket 145 x 255mm (Pack of 14)
22513 Special Offer Ticket 100 x 175mm (Pack of 25)
22514 Special Offer Ticket 75 x 125mm (Pack of 90)
22515 Special Offer Ticket 50 x 80mm (Pack of 60)
22516 Special Offer Ticket 40 x 65mm (Pack of 100)